Emporer Penguin – Fabricator, Designer, Sculpter, Art finisher

I designed and built this full size emporer penguin for a short horror film being developed by Art Omnivores. It is a fairly simple hand puppet, with a tongue that moves. I sculpted and cast the head out of latex and foam. The body is reticulated foam fabrications, with fur and art finishing. I am a professional puppet maker and …

Zapped Puppet – Millennium FX – Fabrication and Puppetry

I was part of the team at Millennium fx that built this Throck puppet for Zapped series 1. My role on this was to fabricate the puppet mechanics, feather work, painting the feet, and making a stunt ‘Bum’ that the feathers could be ripped out of. I am a professional puppet maker and creature creator. Also I design, illustrate, sculpt …

KAYAK advert – Shark Fabrication – ANARCHY LTD

Here is the KAYAK advert in which I Fabricated, Painted and Puppeteered with Dani Boyne, a full size shark for a KAYAK advert. This was for Anarchy ltd. The shark was totally fabricated and carved from scratch all from foam and latex, no sculpture or mould making. I am a professional puppet maker and creature creator. Also I design, illustrate, …

porcupine puppet maker

Porcupine Puppet – Fabricator – Lifecast

This is a Porcupine puppet I worked on as a Fabricator/puppet maker in a small team for Lifecast studios. The puppet was for a series of TV adverts for Clash of clans. I am a professional puppet maker and creature creator. I design, illustrate, sculpt and fabricate. I also have a performance background as both an actor and puppeteer, so …

Mystical Plant – Talk to the Hand

a mystical plant puppet for and independent short film. I was a sculptor and painter on this project with Talk to the Hand puppets, Andy Heath and Iestin Evans.

Truthful Phone Creature Puppet

I designed and built a prototype puppet for Talk to the Hand, for the independent film – The Truthful Phone. This was a rod and hand puppet, with a fabricated body. The head featured a set of cable controlled animatronics, that made the ears move, eyes blink and eyebrow raise, with a latex face, and fiberglass skull. the face was …

Celestial Ape Puppet

a full size Ape puppet i designed and built for stage show Celestial Ape. Costume by David Brown.

Full Size Gremlin Paint Job

This is a paint job i did on a full size gremlin model kit, I tried to match the original paint job as closely as I could.