Emporer Penguin – Fabricator, Designer, Sculpter, Art finisher

I designed and built this full size emporer penguin for a short horror film being developed by Art Omnivores. It is a fairly simple hand puppet, with a tongue that moves. I sculpted and cast the head out of latex and foam. The body is reticulated foam fabrications, with fur and art finishing. I am a professional puppet maker and …

KAYAK advert – Shark Fabrication – ANARCHY LTD

Here is the KAYAK advert in which I Fabricated, Painted and Puppeteered with Dani Boyne, a full size shark for a KAYAK advert. This was for Anarchy ltd. The shark was totally fabricated and carved from scratch all from foam and latex, no sculpture or mould making. I am a professional puppet maker and creature creator. I design, illustrate, sculpt …

porcupine puppet maker

Porcupine Puppet – Fabricator – Lifecast

This is a Porcupine puppet I worked on as a Fabricator/puppet maker in a small team for Lifecast studios. The puppet was for a series of TV adverts for Clash of clans. I am a professional puppet maker and creature creator. I design, illustrate, sculpt and fabricate. I also have a performance background as both an actor and puppeteer, so …

Truthful Phone Creature Puppet

I designed and built a prototype puppet for Talk to the Hand, for the independent film – The Truthful Phone. This was a rod and hand puppet, with a fabricated body. The head featured a set of cable controlled animatronics, that made the ears move, eyes blink and eyebrow raise, with a latex face, and fiberglass skull. the face was …

Mystical Plant – Talk to the Hand

a mystical plant puppet for and independent short film. I was a sculptor and painter on this project with Talk to the Hand puppets, Andy Heath and Iestin Evans.

Celestial Ape Puppet

a full size Ape puppet i designed and built for stage show Celestial Ape. Costume by David Brown.

Full Size Gremlin Paint Job

This is a paint job i did on a full size gremlin model kit, I tried to match the original paint job as closely as I could.