Yonderland Chompus

This was a really fun group build to create Chompus for the xmas special of Yonderland 3 for sky 1. The team was Headed by Fiona Cazaly, a lot of the design work was done by Natalie Ellnor, I was largely responsible for Chompus’s face, I designed and built the mech for the eye and eyebrow/horn lift, I painted the …

steampunk clockwork hat

Steampunk Clockwork Hat

This is me testing the working of The Time Beings steampunk clockwork time travel hat Hat that I Designed and built for Yonderland Series 3 on sky 1. I am a professional puppet maker and creature creator. Also I design, illustrate, sculpt and fabricate. I have a performance background as both an actor and puppeteer. So when I develop characters …

Yonderland 3 Grape and Raisen

The grape and raisin puppets I made for Yonderand Series 3 for sky 1. The team was headed by Fiona Cazaly. With puppet builders Natalie Ellnor, Andy Heath, myself and puppet costume maker David Brown, puppet props maker Lisa Coles, and Department assistant Christiana Kafaridou. Moulds and latex casts made by Life Cast.

Bowler Hat Guy

A sculpt of the Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons, Super Sculpey and painted with acrylic.