Truthful Phone Creature Puppet

I designed and built a prototype puppet for Talk to the Hand, for the independent film – The Truthful Phone. This was a rod and hand puppet, with a fabricated body. The head featured a set of cable controlled animatronics, that made the ears move, eyes blink and eyebrow raise, with a latex face, and fiberglass skull. the face was …

Pichu Model / Puppet – Pokemon

This is a life size scale model of Pichu from pokemon. I made him just for fun. Pichus sizing/dimensions match exactly what they are in the cartoons and according the the pokemon fandom. so i started wih the simple cartoon form then keeping the dimensions i worked to make him look more creature- esque without changing any sizing. it was …

Mystical Plant – Talk to the Hand

a mystical plant puppet for and independent short film. I was a sculptor and painter on this project with Talk to the Hand puppets, Andy Heath and Iestin Evans.

Yonderland Chompus

This was a really fun group build to create Chompus for the xmas special of Yonderland 3 for sky 1. The team was Headed by Fiona Cazaly, a lot of the design work was done by Natalie Ellnor, I was largely responsible for Chompus’s face, I designed and built the mech for the eye and eyebrow/horn lift, I painted the …

Ape Puppet

Celestial Ape Puppet

a full size Ape puppet i designed and built for stage show Celestial Ape. Costume by David Brown.