Millennium FX – Lead Fabricator – Polar Bear Cubs

I was the lead fabricator/puppet developer in building two realistic polar bear Cub puppets for millennium fx. They were for use in a live event in Shanghai. Prototyping, patturning, fur work was by me. Hair punching and Jo Cristou and Lenny Sant. Mech by adam keenan.

KAYAK advert – Shark Fabrication – ANARCHY LTD

Here is the KAYAK advert in which I Fabricated, Painted and Puppeteered with Dani Boyne, a full size shark for a KAYAK advert. This was for Anarchy ltd. The shark was totally fabricated and carved from scratch all from foam and latex, no sculpture or mould making. I am a professional puppet maker and creature creator. Also I design, illustrate, …

Millennium FX – Assistant fabricator/puppeteer – Kracken

I was an assistant fabricator on the large Kraken puppet made by Millennium FX for the new, Old Spice Commercials. I was also a puppeteer on the shoot in romania. I am a professional puppet maker and creature creator. Also I design, illustrate, sculpt and fabricate. I have a performance background as both an actor and puppeteer. So when I …

yonderland creatures

Ride On Creatures

These are the Three ride on Creature for Yonderland season 3. Based on a design i made, I then sculpted the Marquette for these guys. Fiona Cazaly patterned them, and her and Natlie Ellnor made the foam underbodies as i worked on the eye blink mechs and sculpting and painting the fiberglass horns. I then sculpted over the foam head …

Sorcerors Apprentice Broom masks

The set of masks I designed and made for outdoor touring production of the Sorcerers Apprentice by Illyria, illusions designed by Paul Daniels. The concept of these was that with each generation of broom they would become more and more evil.