Lirpasloof Puppet – Iwoca

The Lirpasloof puppet (April Fools) for Iwoca business finance company. I designed, built and puppeteered the featured Lirpasloof puppet.┬áThe task was to create a fairly realistic mythical creature. This would feature in a comedy video that riffed on the idea of Goat Yoga. They stipulated this creature should have features reminiscent of a dog, a lion and goat. It was …

Monster puppet by puppet maker Chris Barlow

Little Monster Puppet – Puppet Maker and Puppeteer

I was the puppet maker for a new Esso advert for Singapore. With minds eye and Adam and Eve DDB. The puppet was built by myself here in London. The eye blink mech was built by Adam Keenan. The puppet consist of foams, fabrics, fiberglass and latex. The body is fabricated and the head was sculpted and moulded then cast …

Truthful Phone Creature Puppet

I designed and built a prototype puppet for Talk to the Hand, for the independent film – The Truthful Phone. This was a rod and hand puppet, with a fabricated body. The head featured a set of cable controlled animatronics, that made the ears move, eyes blink and eyebrow raise, with a latex face, and fiberglass skull. the face was …

Puppet Designer and Builder – Alien

I was the puppet designer and builder for and america based client. They wanted an appealing bespoke alien puppet to entertain his son, who has leukemia, and make online content together for other kids to enjoy. I am a professional puppet designer and builder and creature fx fabricator. I design, illustrate, sculpt and fabricate. I also have a performance background …

Taxidermy Monster Head

A taxidermy monster head I made just for fun. This was a sculpt which later became a latex and rubber cast. painted with acrylics. I am a professional puppet maker and creature creator. I design, illustrate, sculpt and fabricate. I also have a performance background as both an actor and puppeteer, so when I develop characters and build puppets I …


Baby Raptor

A Baby Raptor sculpt, made from super sculpey and brush painted with acrylics.

T rex sculpt

A sculpt of a Trex from scuper sculpey and hand painted with acrylics.


My own take on the Bowtruckles in the Harry Potter books.